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Our Mission for Pain Solutions in Singapore

The history of chiropractic began in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer of Iowa who performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. Till date, there is still a significant percentage of misconceptions about chiropractic care from many Singaporeans. Our mission is to become Singapore’s Leading Chiropractic Care Portal for pain solutions in Singapore

Established in 2018 by a team of content publishers, north lake chiropractor’s aims to provide resources and information to help people from all walks of life that face body ache and pain problems. Through understanding the causes of the pain to finding pain solutions and/ or chiropractic treatment services in Singapore. Users of our website will be able to better manage their overall health and well-being.

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To Become Singapore’s Leading Chiropractic Care Portal

At north lake chiropractor, partnership with qualified chiropractors and practitioners are our main priority. With as many as 100 chiropractors in Singapore, the chiropractic industry in Singapore is not regulated. Our website aims to provide people who are seeking for pain solutions and/ or chiropractic services in Singapore a peach of mind when they engage with us.

Chiropractors and Practitioners that partners with north lake chiropractors must be accredited with a degree (Doctor of Chiropractic) and processed with at least 3 years of hands-on experience. Having said that, the Chiropractors and Practitioners are independent providers who are neither the employees nor agents nor representatives of north lake chiropractors. Our role is limited to create awareness to the Services while the Services themselves are the responsibility of the Chiropractors and Practitioners who provides them. For more information, please read our terms of use.

At north lake chiropractors, our unique point comes from our vast pain solutions resources and information for office workers, mothers and children, young adults and even the service providers themselves. Our portal constantly keeps our users with the latest up-to-date information, trends, news and resources. 

There are many facts, figures, statistics and data available on the internet for pain solutions in Singapore. However, it may be time consuming and frustrating to look through all of them. north lake chiropractor pride ourselves as Singapore’s Leading Chiropractic Care Portal where anyone can gain access for Singapore’s pain solutions resources and services.    

Community Social Responsibility (CSR)

Aside from providing online free information for pain solutions in Singapore, north lake chiropractor is also a firm believer of contributing back to our community and society. We have already volunteered at 2 of the local charities – Willing Hearts and Ground-Up Initiative (GUI). Do Contact Us know if you hope to be involved in our future volunteer work! As quoted from Mohandas Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in this world!” 


North Lake Chiropractor is an independent content publisher based in Singapore that provides information of chiropractic care and benefits in improving your overall health.