Top 5 Habits to Relieve Your Back Pain Problems

Top 5 Habits to Relieve Your Back Pain Problems

Beginning of your back pain symptoms

When was the last time you feel that muscle ache and sore? Have you been experiencing neck pain or back pain lately?

Some of you who is reading this article now may be searching for some home remedy to treat your back pain or planning to purchase products for lower back pain relief.  

In fact, approximately 8 out of every 10 Americans experiences back pain at some point during their lifetimes. Are you one of them?

We have collated the top 5 Good Habits that chiropractors want you to adopt immediately so that you know what to do for back pain relief.

#1 Adopt a Healthy Sleeping Position

Many chiropractors emphasised that the main causes of back pain is always due to bad posture and my dear readers, we have found that you can improve posture by SLEEPING!

How awesome is this!?

To tackle this issue, the simplest way is to ensure that your sleep position maintains the curve in your lower back.

Here’s a summary of what we have collated from wikihow for a step by step guide that may help you to correct your posture through sleeping:

Step 1: You can start by assessing your sleeping position first. It is highly recommended to use pillows to help maintain that best sleeping position you are most comfortable with.

Step 2: Ask yourself if you really do feel comfortable sleeping on your mattress and with those pillows. What about your comfort level of the room temperature and the noise level?  

Step 3: Make it a habit to ensure that you adopt a healthy bed time and wake time habit.

Poor posture can disrupts your sleep and affect your overall well-being physically and emotionally. Needless to say, you may by sleeping in a way that causes your back pain.

We placed ‘Adopt a Healthy Sleeping Position’, also the simplest habit, as point number 1 so that you can start off with baby steps towards your back pain solution.

#2 Cut out sugar

A review by University of Sydney researchers has found that diabetic patients are prone to higher risk of experiencing lower back pain and neck pain by 24 to 35 percent.

Fortunately there are many supportive government initiatives to help you and I to fight diabetes.

Below are 8 dietary guidelines for adults (18 – 69 years) shared by the Singapore Healthhub:  

– Include food that are high in calcium to your diet

– Weight yourself often and ensure that your BMI is at a normal range

– Consume sufficient amounts of wholegrains

– Snack on fruits and pair your daily meals with at least 50 percent of vegetables

– Select food with less saturated fat

– Ask for less salt and sauces for your favorite takeaway meals

– Opt for beverages and food with the ‘Less Sugar’ logo

– Enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation

Research have shown that diets that are high in sugar damages elastin and collagen molecules in your skin which causes increase in wrinkles and sagging.

Most chiropractors would agree to this saying, ‘You are what you eat’. Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine what would you be like in 10 years later.

Well of course, you do not need to cut out your favourite food completely out of your life.

We came out with the 90 / 10 eating habits where you are to nourish your body with 90 percent of goodness, and occasionally consume 10 percent of sugar food per day.

So, be responsible in your daily food intake, have a daily habit to remind yourself to cut out sugar and leave the vicious cycle of your back pain recurrence.

#3  Stretch Your Back

As simple as stretching your hamstring, it actually works wonders on healing your back pain problems. According to, the benefits of stretching includes:

– Your movements will become more flexible;

– You will experience a “re-calibrating” of your body’s ability to determine its range of motion;

– You will perform better in physical activities;

– Your metabolism will increase in your muscles;

– It will be so much easier for you in correcting your posture;

– Your muscles will heal faster;

– It is a great way for you to relief stress and tension;

– You will realise that you have a calmer mind and relax body;

– Chances are your headaches will reduce significantly.

What I personally recommend is to stretch your upper back in the morning before you start your day.

This is because since what most of us does when we wake up from bed is to stretch ourselves, why not extend that stretch to our back and neck as well?

Stretching helps to loosen and re-align your muscles which signals your body that it’s time to get moving for the day.

It sort of function like a bodily “reboot,” where you prep yourself in transitioning back into the land of the living after you exit your dreamland which you stayed for hours.

Luis Villazon, a science writer in, shared a particularly interesting explanation for morning stretches.

When you sleep, your muscles lose tone and fluid tends to pool along your back. Stretching helps to massage fluid gently back into the normal position.”

Once you have found your favourite stretching exercise for your back, practise adopting this habit of stretching in the morning to warm up your muscles.

Enough said, let’s watch a short video below and start stretching!

#4  Get Fidgeting

There is nothing wrong when you fidget and do you know why? That’s because it’s probably good for your health!

Imagine this, how often do you stand up once you are seated. Once every 30 mins, 1 hour or 3 hours?

Many times, when we are concentrating in completing a certain task, we hardly move unless the task requires you to move about.

There will be a scary health consequences if day after day, you ignore your body muscles and continues to sit still for long hours.

This silent process will cause muscular immobility where your body will undergo weight gain first then diabetes in serious cases.

Since your leg muscles remains unused for a prolonged period of time daily, the sugar that you consumed cannot be pulled from your blood.

Before you know it, the blood sugar within your body has already raised to a dangerous level.

Research have been conducted on 2 groups of volunteers where one group has to fidget their leg and the other group remains their leg unmoved for 3 hours.  

The results is that the vessel in the unmoving leg will not worked as well as it had during baseline testing, which means that it was definitely not as healthy as it had been.

Whereas the volunteers’ arteries who fidgeted their leg responded better than it had at baseline testing as the results shown changes in their blood pressure.

That leads us to another issue that you might face if you sit for a long duration and that is, you will most likely slouch unknowingly as your lower back muscles becomes fatigue.

All your efforts in practising good habits for lower back pain prevention will be wasted as slouching while sitting will eventually lead to slouching while standing.

So, stand up now and start moving your body. Watch the video that I shared in point number 2 above and follow the stretching exercise.

Otherwise, try pestering the person that is nearest to you by kicking him or her (gently please).

#5 Talk it Out

When you are determined to make a change in your life, it’s always a 100 percent guaranteed success when you talk to people around you.

Do not be embarrassed or ignore your of your back pain problems as you will create a snowball effect.

What do we mean by snowball effect.

Imagine that you have a minor backache and it was no big of a deal. But overtime, it worsen and to avoid your mom from worrying about you, you choose to ignore it.

The next thing that you know, your backache has become what the chiropractors will call it, “Chronic Pain” which is much more challenging to be treated.

Hence, it is always best to resolve any problems when it is less complicated.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You can start off by talking to someone that you trust about your backache problems and how long have you been enduring the pain.

Step 2: Talk about your ultimate goal that you want to achieve, the plans that you have made and the timeframe to achieve your goal.

Step 3: Ask for support and constant reminders if you went off track of your goals.

Step 4: Review your progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Do not drag too long.

I have created a scenario below as an example for you to better relate to the steps above.

Step 1: You can talk to your mom that you are facing a  backache problems for the past few months and the home remedies that she has shared with you does not work.

Step 2: You want to stop experiencing your back pain issue entirely by the end of 3 months through daily stretching.

Step 3: You can suggest to your mom that in order to stay motivated, it will be great if she can join you on a daily basis for stretching every morning before work.

Step 4: Spend not more than 10 mins per week to talk about your progress and how do you feel.

You see. Talking about your problems can not only resolved your issue but also creates a better bond between you and that person who cares dearly for you.

Alternatively, if you are still uncomfortable of sharing your personal backache problems with people you know, you can talk to a chiropractor.

Even though chiropractors treat more than just back pain and soreness, many patients approach them for relief of their pervasive chronic pain condition.

Basically in the first session, the chiropractor will looking your diet, nutrition and lifestyle habits before advising you further on how to resolve the pain that you are facing.

Afterwards, the chiropractor will proceed to re-adjust your bones at the areas where you experienced the pain through spinal manipulation.

Through proper alignment of your body’s musculoskeletal structure, you can be sure that your back will be able to heal itself without any surgery or medication required.


Making changes to your life with little good habits might save you from the unnecessary suffering in the future.

Take your time to pick up at least one healthy habit and never stop trying. We promise that you will see tremendous results.

In summary, the Top 5 Habits to Relieve Your Back Pain Problems are:

  1. Adopt a Healthy Sleeping Position
  2. Cut out sugar
  3. Stretch Your Back
  4. Get Fidgeting
  5. Talk it Out

We would love to hear from you about your experiences in adopting the healthy habits that we have shared with you and how this post have benefited you in any way. Leave a comment below!

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