Collaborative Partnership

Why join Singapore’s Leading Chiropractic Care Portal ?

It is crucial we advance together with the technology where traditional marketing is least effective as compared to digital marketing in modern society.

As the market gets more and more saturated in Singapore for Chiropractic care services, collaboration and partnership are definitely a more strategic decision than competing with another service provider.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can help us to narrow down to those people who has intention to buy. This means that sales transactions are easier to close. Resources and money will be wasted when promoting products and services aimlessly to anyone out there and in hope that they will make a purchase.

How does Digital Marketing works?

What we are good at is to identify potential paying customers and lead them through the 3 stages – Exploring, Interested and Ready.

  • Exploring stage where the lead beings to find out more about our product/ services.
  • Interested stage where the lead beings to participate and engage with the our marketing campaigns.
  • Ready stage where the lead are ready to make their purchase.

According to Google Keyword Planner, we found there are over 2,400 people that search for ‘Chiropractor Singapore’ every month.

Picture this: We capture 10% of the 2,400 people’s attention which brings in 240 people visiting our website every month. From the 240 people, 10% of them which is 24 people are at the Ready Stage. What we will do is to refer them directly to your company and you close the sales.

Ofcourse we are also targeting at other keywords that has moderate to high keyword search volume. This way, we can help you to secure more leads. See more statistic from Google Keyword Planner below:

  • ‘singapore chiropractor’ – 250 monthly searches
  • ‘chiropractor singapore price’ – 250 monthly searches
  • ‘best chirooractor singapore’ – 250 monthly searches

When you collaborate with us, all you have to do is to continue to be good at your profession and we will handle the marketing for you.

Should you wish to find out more about the collaboration, kindly fill the form below. You will receive an email from us upon successful submission.

We look forward to a successful collaboration with you.

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